Saint Mary Parish SPRED Community

spread 2013
Catechists & Leadership
Dan & Rosa McAndrew
Shannon Ambroise
Priscilla Daley
Marcia Larmee
Ken Szarnych
Patti Szarnych
The parish SPRED community is a small community of faith who enter into friendship following the standards of the SPRED Ministry under the direction of Rev. James McCarthy through the Archdiocese of Chicago. Accomplished through meaningful one-on-one relationships within the group, sharing of life experiences, quiet moments and with the proclamation of the Word, the community responds in praise and thanksgiving, aware that God is in our midst.
Saint Mary Parish has been honored and privileged to welcome young adults 17-21 years of age to our SPRED community for the past eight years. Catechists gather weekly September to May, welcoming our “friends” bi-monthly. 
“Rooted in the rich soil of our faith, love nourishes and connects us. Time allows us the capability of understanding how valuable God’s love is.”
Through the continued generosity and kindness of the parishioners of Saint Mary, the SPRED Ministry flourishes today.

All Parish Events Are Cancelled: March 15, 2020 – until further notice