Liturgical Ministries

Contact: Dianne Fox, Director of Music & Liturgy

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Consider Your Call to a Liturgical Ministry

  • Altar Server: children (4th grade and older) and teens who have celebrated their First Communion
  • Art & Environment: creative adults who use a variety of talents to enhance our worship space
  • Bereavement: adults who have weekday availability to assist at funeral masses
  • Eucharistic Minister: teens (16 & older) and adults who have been Confirmed.
  • Greeter or Usher: Adults, 18 and older
  • Lector: high school teens & adults who have been Confirmed.
  • Music Ministry: 16 Years old and older
    • Traditional Choir
    • Contemporary Choir
    • Cantors
    • Hand Bells
    • Instrumentalists
    • Annual Christmas Children’s Choir (1st – 8th Grade)