Saint Mary Quilting Ministry

The primary purpose of the quilting ministry is to produce quilts to benefit non-profit service organizations. As a quilting group we also encourage each other to learn more about the art of quilting from workshops, quilt exhibits, books and each other. As a ministry we also join in fellowship each Thursday morning — each of us has discovered new friends and strengthened our bonds to the members of this ministry.
Come join us!
Every Thursday (except for holidays)
10:00 a.m. to Noon in the Gathering Space of the Church
Can’t quilt or sew? We will teach you. An expert quilter? Great – we’re always open to new ideas. Can’t come every Thursday? We welcome any level of volunteering. Our finished quilts are donated to non-profit groups for use or auction and are greatly appreciated.
In the past 11 years, almost 600 quilts have been donated to various non-profit organizations including North Shore Palliative Care Center, L’Arch Chicago, The Cradle, Infant Welfare of Evanston, JourneyCare and Rainbow Hospice. Our ministry has been documented in photobooks showing the quilts, the quilters and recipient organizations. Those photobooks are located in Saint Mary Parish Library
In addition to making quilts, Saint Mary Quilting Ministry has taken on special projects such as helping a Girl Scout troop earn their badges, producing all of the infant baptism stoles for the parish, and making the parish quilt for the 150th Anniversary.
The ministry was founded by the Director of Faith Formation, Karie Ferrell, in July 2005 and is open to persons of all faiths who are interested in quilting.
Members: Current and Past Members 2005-2016
Judy Andrews
Linda Balla
Ann Biersach
Evelina Bonnet
Eva Boros
Teresa Champagne
Fran Delany
Joan Downey
Linda Evens
Madeleine Felix
Dorothy Floyd
Denelda Green
Suzette Greene
Charlotte Humlick
Dorothy King
Barbara Kobe
Joy Krell
Mary Elizabeth Kreuger
Severina Labitag
Sheena Leung
Donna Marich
Helen Moag
Mary Morris
Janice Murphey
Mildred Perlia
Elaine Pollak
Ellie Rest
Mimi Rosenbusch
Mary Jo Sheridan
Harriet Sowinski
Kerry Steinberg
Marianne Steiner
Eileen Temmerier
Maria Tonjuk
Josefina Trujillo
Carmen Williams
Marion Wingo
Victoria Yaghob