Stewarding God’s Blessings, Our Capital Campaign

Rev. Kevin McCray, Pastor

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Since our founding in 1865, our families have understood that we have to come together in order to meet the needs of our community. Each year, we have been blessed to serve over 1,000 families through community outreach programs, Pope John XXIII School, faith education programs and numerous fellowship ministries. Our parish has truly had a tremendous impact here in Evanston.
We stand at a moment in time where we celebrate our many blessings over the years all the while acknowledging that it is time for us to embark upon something new in order to continue our legacy. Only by stewarding our many blessings can we pave the foundation for our future. Just as our daily walk with Jesus Christ requires maintenance, our parish facilities need upkeep as well.  When we maintain and upkeep our campus, our families and guests that serve the community feel welcomed here.
I am thrilled to announce that through the generosity of so many parishioners, we have exceeded our minimum goal and raised nearly $1,300,000 in pledges!

The campaign funds will be spent to address the following:

  • Brand-New, Pot-Hole Free Parking Lot

Safety always comes first at Saint Mary Parish. Our parking lot is a “land of 1,000 lakes” when it rains or snows given its numerous dangerously-deep potholes and rampant defects. By digging up our parking lot and the landfill debris underneath, and replacing them with a lot built to modern standards we will have a safer experience for all and welcome families into our home.

  • Hazard-Free Education Building

Replacing our old, broken windows and their outdated, toxic sealants keeps bad weather and chemicals out and safeguards the lives of the families inside. This work ensures a healthy faith formation learning environment for 300 families as well as our many guests. Repairing the building also helps improve energy efficiency and our environmental stewardship.

  • Legacy Fund
Our church is a beautiful, historic gem – but in order to steward and preserve it we need to set aside funds for ongoing maintenance for activities like tuck pointing, upgrading the boiler, assessing/fixing the sound-system, cleaning the antique 1920’s stained-glass windows, completing building audits and other necessary activities. Once we have completed our most critical maintenance projects, we could then refurbish our auditorium and cafeteria for large-scale events like special guest lectures, concerts, conferences, retreats, major celebrations and community outreach activities.

We invite every member of our parish to participate in this effort. I invite you to read our brochure, prayerfully consider a monthly gift over the next five years, and make your pledged-contribution by calling the parish office at 847-864-0333. Feel free to reach out to me with questions. Thank you for your continued commitment to our Saint Mary Parish family. May God bless you and your loved ones! 

Gratefully in Christ,
Father Kevin